The Shop

Souvenirs Tamariu is a small family shop with more than 50 years of history.

All has started in an old fishermen’s cottage, where the great-grandfather kept his boat and the fishing nets. As the years went by, the firsts tourists started visiting the small village of Tamariu. His daugther, the grandmother, decided to open the very first souvenirs shop in the village, for the firsts tourists arriving to Tamariu. She started a small business with her husband in the heart of the Costa Brava. As their children were growing up, they followed in their parents foot steps and started to work at the family business. Summer after summer there were more tourists coming, so they needed someone to help out in the shop. They trusted in their friend and neighbours daugther, as they were very good friends. The years went by and the grandmother retired. They needed another shop assistant so they hired the granddaugther of their neighbours. And it stayed this way until today. So we are very happy to welcome you every year to Tamariu’s beach.

You can find us in the middle of Tamariu’s promenade, just in front of the beach.